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IronWood Technologies, Inc.

Railroad Accident Reconstruction

IronWood Technologies (IWT) is a full-service railroad accident reconstruction firm.  IWT specializes in:

Rail/Highway Grade Crossing (RHGC) Accidents

Railroad Employee Injury Cases (FELA)

Railroad Signal-Related Accidents

Train/Pedestrian Collisions

Operating Rules Compliance by Train Crews

Human Factors Issues Relating to Motorists

and can handle almost every aspect of a typical railroad accident investigation, including:

Initial data collection at the accident scene

Preparing scale diagram of accident scene

Field testing RHGC Active Warning Devices

Downloading and analyzing event recorder data

Preparing detailed list of discovery items required

Assisting in the preparation of interrogatories

Preparing Final Report

Creating demonstrative evidence for trial, including video and computer animation, if desired

Testifying as an Expert at deposition and/or trial


Past Clients include:

Class I, II, and III Railroads

Commuter Railroads, Subways, Light Rail Transit

Insurance Companies

Law Firms Handling Personal Injury Claims


For a complimentary case evaluation, please contact Robert Halstead at (315) 424-2500 or rwh@ironwoodtech.com


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